Pilates for all ages, levels and experience

Lissome is giving back by offering Equipment Pilates classes that are affordable and accessible for everyone. These group classes are either Equipment, small apparatus or mat based and give you an all around challenge. 

Our classes include; Equipment (45 and 60 mins), Jump Board, Power Pilates, Mat Pilates, Functional Fit & Balance

Starting at $20 a class where can you go wrong?

Functional Pilates is our step down from our sister studios Lissome Physiotherapy and Technique Studios Clinical Pilates. 

Functional offers all the benefits of the clinical Pilates without the price tag. Functional is for those who have imbalances that they wish to address and would benefit from an individualised program.

Initially, our kickstarter package includes our initial planning session and two one-on-ones that are completed by our Experiences Pilates instructors.

After the kickstarter package you are able to move into the classes where there are a maximum of 7 people per class and occur on a rolling basis.

Want your sessions more about you and a variety of exercises? Our individual sessions are led by our Pilates instructor, but tailored for you. 

We can do privates (individual) and semi-privates (you and a friend)in the comfort of our one-on-one room within the clinic. these sessions will encompass wunda chair, trapeze and reformer exercises.

Call us on (07) 5539 9032 or email info@lissomestudios.com.au to find out more